The MS9 – A Solid LensGuard™ Sunglass Case / Microfiber Pouch System For Superior Protection When Not Using Your Glasses

O'Meye MS9 Eyeglass CaseO'Meye MS9 Eyeglass Case






Available in Black – Simulated Smooth Leather Finish Sunglass Case – Now Available on

The MS9 Features Ultimate Eyeglass Protection With O’Meye™ LensGuard™ Steel Core Case Construction

Most damage to eye wear occurs when your glasses are not in use. Whether in the home or on the go, having a hard steel core LensGuard™ case is the best protection for your eyeglass and sunglass investments. To complement this solid construction, MeyeCase™ model MS9 includes a premium microfiber multi-use pouch. The pouch can be used to hold your case, or to slip your glasses into while inside your case to further decrease any movement/rattle in the event your glasses have a little extra room inside the case. In addition, the pouch can be used to protect your glasses for those brief times that you want to take your glasses off, don’t have your case handy or when simple lens scratch protection is sufficient.

MeyeCase Model #MS9 Fits Large EyeGlasses / SunGlasses

Inside Dimensions – 5.75″ long x 2.375″ wide x 1.4″ high     mm: 146(L) x 60(W) x 36(H)

O'Meye MS9 Eyeglass Case








Features / Benefits: More Comprehensive Eyeglass Protection In A Two Piece System

– No Worrying About Crushed Glasses or Bent Frames

– Sturdy Hinge Design For Long Term Service

– Premium Large Microfiber Multi-Use Draw String Pouch

– Pouch Can Be Utilized to Carry Your Case, to Reduce Rattle of Glasses Inside Case, or For Lens Protection When Glasses are Not in Case

– Classic Smooth Leather Styled Appearance

– Made From Premium Quality Materials With Expert Craftsmanship

– Comes With MeyeCase™ 120 day No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee For Materials and Workmanship

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